Do you have a question and want a quick answer? Take a look at our frequently asked questions to see if your question has already been issued earlier.

  • What are blank wheels?

Blank wheels are custom drilled wheels in Europe, of which the ET/offset and boltpattern can be modified. Various measurements are possible within given ranges. The drilling costs an extra €12.50 per wheel.

  • What is the inch-size?

The inch-size is nothing more than the overall diameter size of the wheel, given in inches as the name says. The bigger the inch-size (so the bigger the overall diameter), the bigger your wheel is on appearance.

  • What is the bolt pattern?

The bolt pattern consists of how many fitment holes you see in the centric hub of the wheel (usually right around the emblem on the wheel), and the diameter that these fitment holes occupy. The most cars have either 4 or 5 fitment holes. The diameter is given in millimetres. The code of the bolt pattern is always given as ‘the amount of holes’ x ‘the diameter in millimeters’ (for example 4x98, 5x112 etc.).

  • How do I know what bolt pattern I have?

To know what bolt pattern you have, you will have to measure the distance from one hole to the hole on the opposite side of the imaginary circle, using measuring tape. Another way is to look on the inside of your wheel or wheel hub. A final solution to finding your bolt pattern out, is to simply look it up on the internet.

  • What is the J-Size?

The J-size shows the width of the wheel in inches (the space between the two edges). 1J = 1 inch = 2,54 cm, so for example 8J = 8 inch = 20,3 cm = 203 mm in width. This should also be the width of the tyre you will wrap around the wheel. You can find your current J-size in millimetres on the side of your tyre. The first two figures on the tyre (for example 195/65) mean that the width is 195 mm, and the tyre profile is 65 mm. If you want to calculate the figure in millimetres back to J, simply divide the amount by 2,54.

  • What is the Offset/ET?

The offset is the distance of the wheel coming out of the wheel arch. This distance is measured from the center hub onto the utter point of the wheel. The offset is also given in mm. Average offsets are between the 20 and 40 mm. The lower the offset figure, the more the wheel comes out of its arch.

  • Do you also sell wheels with tyres?

No. We are a wheel shop selling solely wheels and accessories, such as nuts, bolts and hub centric rings. We do not have a shop that allows us to fit wheels with tyres, or sell tyres altogether.

  • My wheels do not fit on my car. How can I fix this?

Our advice is to check out the measurements of your wheel hub first. If the wheels do not fix, re-check your bolt pattern. Make sure you the amount of holes and the size of the diameter is in sync with the figures.

If the bolt pattern is not the issue, check the space between the wheel hub and the center hub. If this space is too big, hub centric rings can bridge this gap.

  • Are JR-Wheels the only wheels you sell?

At this point they are. In the near future we will sell wheels from more brands, but since we are a startup we mainly focus on the sale of JR-Wheels.

  • Are all prices on your website VAT included?

Yes, all prices on our website are 21% VAT included and without shipping costs.

  • Do I need to create an account before I can order on your website?

No, it is not necessary to create an account per se, but creating one does give you more benefits as a wheel shop/distributor/dealer.

  • Can I also cancel my order shipment?

Cancelling your order is not possible. However, returning your product at our cost is possible. Check our Return & Exchange Policy for more information.

  • What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping means that your order can be sent to you directly from our central storage. This usually shortens the delivery time.

  • How long does my warranty last?

All products have a warranty period of 1 year. You are entitled to this warranty if your product indeed matches the warranty terms. For more information about these terms, please read article 10 of our Terms & Conditions, or contact us via info@basewheels.com.