About Us

Base Wheels is launched in 2016 as a subdivision of Fullcartuning and is solely focused on selling wheels to wheel shops, dealers and distributors. As official distributor of JR-Wheels in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg, Base Wheels started off selling wheels of the whole JR-Wheels collection, with many other brands to follow.

The name ‘Base Wheels’ comes from the fact that ‘base’ is related to the term ‘alloy’ (base is the core element to alloy). This is derived from all the wheels in our collection being alloys. The name is also based on our vision; we believe that wheels are the base for your car’s styling! Mounting the right wheels is an easy yet crucial way to set the tone, just like you adjust your shoes to your clothes.

Our team

Base Wheels is run by driven car enthusiasts with interest in Japanese cars in particular. We believe that the first thing you should upgrade on a car, are its wheels. We want to send this message out to every car owner, whether you are a car enthusiast or not!

Official quality marks on wheels

All our wheels come with official JWL & VIA quality marks. The JWL (Japan Light Allow Wheel) quality mark is an approval of our alloy wheels meeting the international technical and maintenance standards for passenger cars.

The VIA (Vehicle Inspection Association) mark is an official, internationally recognized registration and approval of the international distribution of alloy wheels. This registration is only acknowledged after the approval of the JWL quality mark.